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Go Sydney Car Rentals will fit a GPS unit to your rental prior to pick up at your request.


Sydney Airport Map

Sydney Airport Car Hire Location


At Go Sydney Car Rentals we have no hidden fees or charges - what you see is what you get.

Go Sydney Car Rentals offer pick up and drop off at Sydney airport. With 9 locations across sydney and cheap Car rental rates, we are well on the way to becoming a leader in our industry.


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New Toyota Corolla Hatch

New Toyota Corolla Hatch + Insurance Waiver | 7 Day Special


Go Sydney Car Rentals

Go Sydney Car Rentals will fit a GPS unit to your rental prior to pick up at your request.


Sydney Airport Map

Sydney Airport Car Hire Location

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your airport pickup work?

When your booking has been confirmed we will send you our meeting point instructions. A driver will meet you at Sydney Domestic or International airport. We then take you to our branch (which is no more than 5 minutes away from domestic and 5-10 minutes from international) where the paperwork is completed and you take the vehicle. This is a FREE service that we provide- why would you want to pay more for your airport car rental when we make it so easy and cheap for you? Our nearest competitors outside the airport are in the city, which can cost $50 - $60 in taxis fares so why pay when we provide it FREE?

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How does vehicle return work?

You return the hire car to the branch at which you rented it from. For our airport customers you return the rental vehicle to our airport branch and we drive you back to the airport the same way we picked you up. Our airport branch is located within a petrol station which means you don’t have to drive around wasting petrol to find a filling station. You also save money by not having any fuel surcharges, other companies charge up to a $1.00 per litre over the normal cost of fuel to fill your car up. No wasted fuel and no fuel surcharge!

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Why are your rates so cheap?

We don’t charge all the fees other rental car companies are charging like registration recovery fee, location fee, admin fees and more. We have simple to read and understand rates - all inclusive with no hidden charges. We keep our business simple and low cost as we are located just outside the airport we don’t have any airport taxes or outrageous costs in operating from the airport or rely on huge advertising campaigns to keep our business going. Most of our business comes from referral which says good things about us. Check out our competitors rates and see for yourself.

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Does GO Car Rentals have extra fees when booking?

NO HIDDEN FEES. Everything you need to know is on our website. Our charges are clear and simple; the price you get on our booking page is what you pay. Other car rental companies give you the cheapest rental rate and then add all their other fees on top, once you get to the bottom of the page it has added up to almost double our original rate. No registration recovery fees, NO location fees, NO admin fees, NO extra fuel charges. All these fees are added up after the rental rate is displayed. Our website and pricing system doesn’t trick you. What you see is what you are charged.

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What is insurance excess reduction?

The insurance excess reduction is what you pay if you are at fault in an accident. Our rental cars come with full comprehensive insurance the same as your regular driving car has, and with this comes an excess payable when involved in an accident. Other car rental companies have you pay even if it's not your fault. Unfair we say! Why should you pay for someone else's mistake? We have several options for cover, standard excess $3300.00 and our reduced insurance of $330.00 (which our 7 days special rates already include at no extra cost). Premium insurance can be chosen which will reduce you liability from $330.00 to $100.00. These options are displayed in our booking page.

Liability Excess Waiver (Single Vehicle Accidents are not covered):
Liability excess waiver protects you against damage caused as a result of a Multi Vehicle accident where another vehicle can be fully identified and all details provided.

Liability Excess WaiverDrivers AgeMulti Vehicle LiabilityPer dayReduced Liability inc. insurance
Passenger Vehicles 25-80 $3,300 $15.00 $330
21-24* $3,500 $15.00 $500
8 seater / People Mover 25-80 $3,300 $15.00 $500
21-24* $3,500 $15.00 $750

Premium Liability Excess Waiver (Single Vehicle Accidents are covered):
Premium Liability Excess Waiver Package protects you against damage caused as a result of Multi Vehicle Accidents (covered by Liability Excess Waiver) plus Single Vehicle Accidents, Hail and Storm damage, Animal Damage, Windscreens, Tyres and Headlight damage.

Premium Reduction WaiverDrivers AgeMulti Vehicle LiabilityPer dayReduced Liability inc. insurance
Passenger Vehicles 25-80 $3,300 $29.00 $100
21-24* $3,500 $29.00 $250
8 seater / People Mover 25-80 $3,300 $29.00 $250
21-24* $3,500 $29.00 $550

* Drivers aged between 21 and 24 must pay an additional $10/day.


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Do you provide baby seats?

Yes, baby seats and booster seats come as an option. All you have to do is tick the box in your extra options section and they will be added to your rental.

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Do you heave E-Tag and how does this work?

Yes, E-tag is an option that must be chosen on booking. Go Car Rentals will supply you with a tag at your request. The tag is rented by you and on return your accumulated usage will be calculated and must be paid for by the customer.

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Can we drop off and pick up after hours?

YES. As some of our branches are located inside petrol station this offer longer trading hours than normal for returning after hours. This gives our customers greater flexibility in their pick up and return times. Any airport after hours pick up or drop off may incur fees. Please contact our office for any questions.

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What cars do you have and how old?

We have cars for every budget and use. From small cars to people movers. Check out our cars page for full details. We specialize in providing transport for local, interstate and domestic travelers. With over 100 vehicles in our fleet and growing we can provide a vehicle for almost every customer. Our cars are from regularly serviced and maintained and guaranteed to provide you with great driving comfort. We stock the leading brand Toyota that provide us with superior reliability and comfort.

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How long does your airport pick up take?

The whole process from pick up to drive away takes approx 10-15min. 5 minutes for pick up, 10 minutes for the paperwork, then you are on your way in your rental car! Sometimes you could wait 20 minutes in line at the airport rental car counter behind 20 other customers waiting to be served. No waiting with us.

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